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Variety’s Women’s Impact List 2013 - Deirdre Gurney

Variety’s Women’s Impact List 2013

Deirdre Gurney – TV STARS Exec producer Thanks to the record-shattering success of A&E’s “Duck Dynasty” (to the tune of 12 million viewers), almost every cable network is clamoring for its own group of bearded men, leaving show co-creator Deirdre Gurney to, in a way, sit back and bask in the ratings glow. Thanks to “Duck Dynasty,” Gurney Prods. — founded in 2005 by now husband and wife duo Scott and Deirdre Gurney — has become one of the hottest unscripted shingles on the market, and...
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‘Shark Week’ at 25: Evolution of an event

‘Shark Week’ at 25: Evolution of An Event

As Discovery Channel continues its 25th annual ‘Shark Week,’ executive producer Brooke Runnette (pictured) reflects on how the show has changed over a quarter of a century. This year’s ‘Shark Week’ is offering up more programming than ever before, with 10 premieres, including Sharkzilla and How Jaws Changed the World, as U.S. net Discovery Channel celebrates 25 years of shark fascination. Brooke Runnette, ‘Shark Week’ executive producer, tells realscreen the reason why audiences have been...
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