‘Duck Dynasty’ Jep and Jessica Robertson adopt baby boy
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‘Duck Dynasty’ Jep and Jessica Robertson adopt baby boy


“Duck Dynasty” stars Jep and Jessica Robertson have extended their brood.

The couple adopted a baby boy named Jules Augustus, which they introduced on Wednesday’s premiere of the “Duck Dynasty” spin-off “Jep and Jessica.”

The reality show, which has an eight-episode run on A&E, will focus on the couple’s road to finalizing the adoption process.

Following its premiere, the youngest child of Phil and Miss Kay Robertson posted an adorable selfie with Jules with the caption, “Thanks for the love! This has been a crazy, awesome ride but so worth it! Me and Gus signing out! #JepAndJessica.”

Jep, 37, and Jessica, 35, have four children: Merritt, Lily, Priscilla, and River.

Jessica said she felt inspired to adopt after meeting “less fortunate” fans of their show.

“The past few years with Duck Dynasty, our eyes have been opened and we’ve seen a lot of kids that are in need,” she told Country Rebel magazine earlier this month. “Knowing that we can make a difference and take a child in that maybe would never have a mommy or daddy, you’re changing a child’s life forever. And he’s going to change our life forever.”

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