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Things get spooky and ludicrous when the O.P.O. (Official Paranormal Operations), a team of ghost hunters, mixes humor along with out-of-the box techniques to conquer the spirit world of Los Angeles. The O.P.O. will investigate places paranormal experts have never been to before… including a haunted drive-thru mortuary in Compton, a family “fun” zone that is making customers and the staff ill and a South Central piñata shop infested with spirits! With a strong track record of resolving unexplained paranormal activity, the O.P.O. responds to two different clients in distress. Whether they live in a haunted home or run a business plagued by spirits, the O.P.O. will come up with a solution…or sometimes an unconventional one to bring clients peace of mind and keep them spirit-free! Leader of the group, Defecio Stoglin, who grew up on the streets of LBC and has had a passion for the paranormal at a young age, is ready to take down one spirit at a time with his dynamic team who don’t take themselves too seriously but will get the job done! Rolling alongside Defecio in his ghost-killing RV is Jasmine Orpilla the eccentric resident medium, Dave Purdy the tech, Matty Richards the family friend and stand-up comic who Defecio takes under his wing and Maunda Oyin, the chief researcher who digs up the dirt on every investigation. For the O.P.O., they are ready to take on any ghost, anywhere, anytime. And at the end of the day, this paranormal stuff ain’t no joke!

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