While best known as the creators of Duck Dynasty, Gurney Productions is renowned for its cinematic, buzz-worthy content that appeals to the masses on an emotional level.

Since its inception in 2005 Gurney has produced hundreds of hours of content for networks such as A&E, SPIKE, National Geographic Channel, Nat Geo Wild, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, The Weather Channel, Syfy, VH1, WE, Bio, HGTV, TLC, ESPN and NBC Sports. The secret to its success rate is the team. Gurney Productions maintains a group of passionate producers who specialize in both dramatic and comedic storytelling.

From process-driven hits like Auction Hunters and Fat n Furious: Rolling Thunder, to family comedies like Duck Dynasty and Leah Remini: it’s all Relative, the company has broadened its reach across the cable and digital landscape. Gurney also has a dedicated natural history unit comprised of cinematographers, producers and experienced naturalists, conservationists, and biologists. The team specializes in getting up close and personal with often-dangerous wildlife in some of the most hostile environments around the globe. As a result, the production team has been featured on numerous documentaries revealing the magic behind the scenes of the incredible footage they acquire.

Gurney’s resume features projects that explored various wild habitats around the world, ranging from the most remote reaches of the Alaskan Yukon, the deepest cypress swamps of Louisiana, the endless waterways of the Everglades, the deserts and canyons of the American Southwest, the untouched jungles on the Amazon River, the rugged expanses of the African bush, conflict zone jungles in Sri Lanka, the outback and reefs of Australia, and the barren sandscapes of the Middle East. Gurney Productions raises the bar through innovative cinematography – utilizing cutting-edge unique rigs to achieve an incredible immersive intimacy.

Their techniques allow audiences to truly see and feel what life is like in the wild. Its diversified body of work includes designing and constructing a helium blimp to hover 50 feet above shark-filled waters with a $300,000 high-speed camera hanging overhead; fabricating a transparent acrylic box to film African lions devour a kill; creating a 36-hour record time camera attached to tiger, great white, and lemon sharks’ dorsal fins; creating self propelled submersible cages to follow great whites over long distances in South Africa; and developing the first ever 360 degree trail camera to capture wildlife from every angle. These are just a few of Gurney’s many “firsts.”

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