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Spike TV Greenlights ‘Luggage Wars’ Pilot

EXCLUSIVE: Someone might be bidding on your lost suitcase. With storage auction series emerging as the hottest sub-genre on the unscripted side, Spike TV is doing a variation involving lost pieces of luggage.

The network has ordered Luggage Wars, a half-hour pilot from Gurney Prods., the company behind Spike’s highest-rated unscripted series Auction Hunters, which features a duo traversing the country to bid on storage units in search of hidden treasures. Similarly, Luggage Wars will follow a group of industrious and resourceful individuals known as “baggage bidders”, who travel the country in search of fortune, going head-to-head at lost luggage auctions. The battle for baggage becomes fierce when bidders strategically team up to drive up prices.

Strategy also comes into play with baggage assessment methods ranging from simple analysis of the bag’s origin to using high-tech night vision goggles, metal detectors or even handheld ultra sounds. That is because bidders are forbidden to actually touch the luggage. Looks can be deceiving as a luxury brand suitcase may only contain soiled clothes while a shabby bag may contain anything from ancient Egyptian artifacts to outrageously expensive jewelry and even cash. I just wonder what happens if a viewer watching the series recognizes the luggage they had been desperately trying to locate…

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