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Cable vs. Broadcast: 'Duck Dynasty' Beats Dick Wolf's 'Chicago Fire' in Ratings

Cable vs. Broadcast: ‘Duck Dynasty’ Beats Dick Wolf’s ‘Chicago Fire’ in Ratings

As the Big Four networks suffer, odd ratings trends are emerging. This story first appeared in the Nov. 2 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine. The broadcasters’ largely lackluster fall season has been a boon to cable ratings. Numbers no one would have imagined just a few years ago now come in the oddest places, from TLC’s Breaking Amish outperforming several Big Four scripted dramas to FX’s Sons of Anarchy running over ABC’s Dancing With the Stars. Here is a look at five of...
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'Duck Dynasty' season premiere flaps to ratings high for A&E

‘Duck Dynasty’ season premiere flaps to ratings high for A&E

There’s money in duck calls — and that means ratings for “Duck Dynasty.” Wednesday’s Season 2 premiere of A&E’s reality show about a Louisiana family behind a duck-call business empire hit a series-high 3.7 million total viewers, according to Nielsen. A follow-up episode at 10:30 p.m. quacked even louder, with 3.9 million viewers. “Duck Dynasty” is one of the fastest-growing shows on basic cable. The Season 1 finale in May drew 2.6 million viewers. What...
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